Anyone gotten ListView SubItemImages + FullRowSelect + Sorting working? 
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 Anyone gotten ListView SubItemImages + FullRowSelect + Sorting working?

I'm attempting to use the latest update to the ListView control (4.71) to
create an Outlook-like view. I've managed to get fullrow select, color
icons in headers, and icons in subitems all working individually. The
problem is trying to get them all to work together.

When I turn on the SubItemImages option, it seems that it's an all or
nothing option. That is, there is no apparent way to have some subitems
with icons while other are blank.

While I can set the items I don't want to have icons to a "blank" image,
the blank still results in the text for the item being indented. Even
worse, when combined with FullRowSelect, the blank icons generate a white
squares within the selection essentially chopping it into a number of
separate selection rects. Has anyone figured out how to completely supress
the display of icons on individual subitems or is it all-or-nothing

To make matters worse, setting the SubItemImages (via LVM_SETITEMW) also
appears to break subitem sorts. That is, after adding images to subitems,
setting the sortorder to any of the subitem keys has no effect. I've tried
setting the Param field in the LVITEM structure to a sortable value i hope
that I could call LVM_SORTITEM directly. Unfortunately, doing that changes
my custom icon back to the default subitem icon i.e., the icon associated
with the main item. Is it possible to still sort subitems when using
SubItemImages? If so, how?

Has anyone gotten all of these functions to work together? Is it even
possible or should I just bite the bullet and use the "Custom Draw

Any comments would be greatly apprecaited since my search of all know
archives has been fruitless.

Rick Matejka
Software Engineer
Vertex Software

Sat, 09 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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