Selecting properties for data controls blanks properties window 
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 Selecting properties for data controls blanks properties window

I have a problem with my VB app, when I select the datasource property of
anything in my project, the properties screen blinks for a while, then the
cursor changes to the hourglass, then the properties window blanks out.

The only way I can add any databound control to my project is to, open a
second instance of VB6, then create a form with a data control with the same
name I want to use, add whatever control I want to use.

Then I have to copy the control, and paste it into my application.

Is this because VB is getting confused with the size of my app ?

I also notice that at times when I press the . to access a property of a
control, the hourglass cursor appears for a minute or so, then the dropdown
properties window appears.  This only occurs occasionally not every time.

Any ideas ?

Sun, 30 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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