Shortcutmenubar - How do I get a reference to it? 
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 Shortcutmenubar - How do I get a reference to it?

I want to find out what the shortcutmenubar is for a control on a form.  The
problem is, it is usually blank when I retrieve the protpery, but I
certainly get a popup when I right clik in the control  So, how do I get the
actual shortcutmenubar that is the default?

I do this to get the ShortcutMenuBar, but it is always ""
Dim myStr As String
myStr = Screen.ActiveControl.ShortcutMenuBar

So, instead I have to do this to add a control button.  I would like to not
hard code the CommandBar, since I have similar controls in other places,
with other Commandbars.

Set newItem = CommandBars("Form View Subform
Control").Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlButton, Before:=1, Temporary:=True)

Mon, 13 Sep 2004 21:56:43 GMT  
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