Treeview Control Node Tooltips Bug in NT 
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 Treeview Control Node Tooltips Bug in NT

Hi again, Dan. I looked up that article and read it. It seemed reasonable,
until I ran my app on my WIN95 test machine with the same comctrl dll and
ocx as my NT 4 machine and the tips didn't work there, either. I'm using
version 5.00.3828  of the comctrl.ocx and version 4.70 of comctl32.dll .
The version's I had previously worked right on both NT 4 and WIN95, so it's
got to be a bug in the newer version of these files.

Anyone know is the SP2 for VB 5 updates these two files to a higher version
yet (that might actually work correctly)?

Michael W. Shrader
MST Systems
Houston, TX

>  Just wanted to pass along some info that some people might not be aware
> might save some time.  There is a bug with the Treeview control where the
> node "tooltips" will not show when operating under Windows NT.
> works fine under Windows 95.  The article in the knowledge base is
> This is in the Visual Foxpro group but the same applies to Visual Basic.

Sun, 13 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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