Problem in Sending mails using MAPI Controls. 
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 Problem in Sending mails using MAPI Controls.

We have developed a bulk mailing program which gets the
Name and e-mail id of the persons and send a
notification message. The forms has been developed in VB
and we had used the MAPIMessages control and the
MAPISession control to send the messages.  I am attaching
a portion of the code which sends the message. The problem
is that there are two mails being sent and also though the

this he is also getting the mail properly addressed to
him. Has this got anything to do with the MAPI Sessions?
How do you control the MAPI Sessions for such cases. Will
be thankful if you can point out where it could have gone
wrong and please share any code you have. We are using a
POST CAST server at our place to send the mails.

   If MAPISession.SessionID = 0 Then
      b = True
   End If

   With MAPIMessages
      .SessionID = MAPISession.SessionID
      .MsgIndex = -1
      .RecipAddress = SendTo
      .RecipType = 1
      .MsgSubject = Subject
      .MsgNoteText = EmailText
      .Send False

   End With


Thanks and Regards

Fri, 19 Nov 2004 15:29:45 GMT  
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