WinSock Port Closing Before FTP Xfer Complete... 
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 WinSock Port Closing Before FTP Xfer Complete...


I've come to the end of my tether, so...

I'm writing a FTP client class in VB5 using a few Winsock controls, but
I'm having problems with the 'data transfer' control.

Data arrives OK & I'm able to stitch back together the files from the 8K
chunks available through the Data_Arrival event, BUT the port is being
closed (by the FTP Server?) just prior to the last packet arriving &
therefore I can't get the last packet & therefore the file!

Any ideas why this is happening?



p.s. Can't use WinInet.dll / ITC /etc. as none support the SITE command
in FTP...

Wed, 18 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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