Saving Bitmaps to a Database 
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 Saving Bitmaps to a Database


> I have a couple of questions (using VB 4.0 Pro under Windows95 creating
> a 32-bit database):

> 1.  How do you create a field to hold an object?  To my understanding,
> the FieldType is "dbLongBinary".  If so, what is the length?  I would
> expect it to have a length of 0 like "dbMemo".

> The code that I am using to create my fields is:

>     Set QuesFD = QuesTD.CreateField(FieldName, FieldType, FieldLength)
>     QuesTD.Fields.Append QuesFD

> 2.  How would you save the PICTURE property (if that is what is
> required) of the PictureBox to the database field?

> I am currently saving to a file using:

>     SavePicture PictureBox, PictureName

> 3.  Once saved to a database field, how do you retrieve the picture to a
> Picture Box?

> Thanks,
> Jody

I do not create fields in this way - I use ACCESS, but to put pictures
in a database, set the field type to lonbg binary, then bind a picture
box to the field.  Then simply acces the picture property of that
picture box. I'm not sure about the length of the field, I never set it
- I just let Access and VB sort that out.

Tue, 11 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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