Transfer Control to another Form 
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 Transfer Control to another Form

You can show a modal form by:

Form2.Show vbModal

When Show displays a modal form, no subsequent code is executed until the
form is hidden or unloaded.



>Thanks in advance for any help.
>I need to program some application with VB ans still quite new to it.  I
>wanted to create a Pop-up Form2 that called by one another Form1 which when
>the Pop-up have been called, all the flow control have been tranfer to it.
>Form1 will wait, stop execution next statement and become inactive.  Until
>Form2 finished,  then control will be return to Form1 - the usual Call
>Subroutine style.
>Because the Event-Driven, when I called Form2, Form1 had still process it
>next line statement.  And I could not use what input I get from Pop-up to
>continue process command.  I have tried to disable the Form1 by
>enabled=false, the form was inactived but the next statement still be
>What I want will look like when we use CommonDialog to open or save file.
>When CommonDialog is activated.  All others forms are inactived and halted,
>even VB itself.  The Dialog will wait for you until you exit.  Then after
>finish Dialog, next statement of the call-from Form will be execute.
>I have tried some more difficult way using API call and Loop check the key
>or mouse.  This work out but almost hang-up the computer and still not like
>the CommonDialog.  Do I have another easier way and more effective to
>program it with Visual Basic 's tools, command  or Method.

Sun, 16 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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