Reusing ActiveX Control/Code in Win GUI/MSIE 
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 Reusing ActiveX Control/Code in Win GUI/MSIE

I've been trying to find some good information on
about this for a week now and I haven't had any real luck.

We are working on a program that is primarily to be used in the Win95
environment as the client to a three-tier model for a database
application. But the client would also like a way for their remote users
to be able to have the same functionality to work with the system over
the internet.

Here is the question I have: Is there a way to truly reuse my code
between a Windows Client Program and and ActiveX/ASP something-or-other
than runs in MSIE. I'm not talking about copying my Windows Client Code
for a particular dialog box/window and turning it into an ActiveX
control for running in MSIE. I'm looking for a way to use the same code
and, perhaps, compile it in a different manner to allow it to work under

Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? How did you resolve it?
We are not confident enough to make the whole program run only in MSIE,
so we chose the windows solution because 90% of the users will be
in-house and we didn't want to mess up such a big project by going in a
direction that we were not 100% sure would accomplish the task.

If anyone has any suggestion, please CC me via email if you respond to
the list.

Thank you very much.

--Joel Richard

Sat, 16 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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