vb6 design problem with datasource property 
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 vb6 design problem with datasource property

Please, excuse me for my bad english

Im doing a migration of VB project 4.0 to VB 6.0 . This Aplication use many
data control objects in many forms (more than 50). The aplication in VB6
runtime is sucessfull, but in design have a problem with all the objects
that use the DATASOURCE o DATABINDING properties. When i am in the Property
window, exactly on DATASOURCE property the system start a find and the
memory fault.
In this moment, VB6 make a group of LOG files of forms that run perfectly
and the windows screen is damaged.
I think that memory fault because i execute the Resource Meter of Windowss
Accesories and it generated a warning message  of "ninety percent of the
resource of system is occupied..."

Thanks for your help

Wed, 15 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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