SubClassed MFC Edit Control Used in VB 
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 SubClassed MFC Edit Control Used in VB

I have subclassed the EDIT control using MFC to create my own ActiveX
control.  I was having trouble with focus in VB so I was following the
advice of article Q168777 which suggests calling OnActivateInPlace in the
OnCreate method of the control.  Using this solved by focus problems on
normal VB forms and the edit control functions as it should.  

But there is more.  In my VB project I also have some VB User Controls and
one of those User controls uses my Edit control.  If I load (just for
editing) the User control inside of VB everything is fine.  But if I try to
edit a normal VB form that contains this "special" user control, VB5 (SP3)
crashes.  If I go in with the Visual C++ de{*filter*} and jump around the
OnActivateInPlace call, the form comes up fine.

So has anyone used this OnActivateInPlace call in COleControl?
What does VB do differently with user controls?

Any ideas are appreciated,
Juan Foegen

Tue, 20 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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