Printer.Paintpicture and Picturebox.paintpicture 
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 Printer.Paintpicture and Picturebox.paintpicture


I have used the following code to print a picture, but the
output is different!
The First one will produce a good quality, but the second
one will produce a bad quality with the line in dot!

1. Printer.paintpicture Picture1, 0,0, Printer.scalewidth,

2. Picture2.paintpicture Picture1, 0,0, Picture2.ScaleX
(Printer.ScaleWidth, Printer.ScaleMode,
Picture2.ScaleMode), Picture2.ScaleY(Printer.ScaleHeight,
Printer.ScaleMode, Picture2.ScaleMode)
Printer.Paintpicture picture2, 0,0, printer.scalewidth,

What I am doing is, print a picture and keep the printed
output in file for reference.
That's why I put it in Picture2 (For using SavePicture)
and then print out again.
Can anyone tell me why the output is different? and how to
slove it?


Mon, 21 Jun 2004 10:57:30 GMT  
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