Wrinting incomming data from serial port to textbox 
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 Wrinting incomming data from serial port to textbox

Some days ago I posted a question about communicating with a dsp evaluation

Now, I sometimes receive an Framing error from the DSP, What can the problem
be here?

I also think that my code to write to the Textbox isn't that good.  It may
be a stupid fault becuase I'm programming VB since 2 weeks.

If the input property is set to Binary mode, I receive question marks.  And
this is not a parity error, because I changed the symbol to "!" in the
MSComm property window .

Private Sub MSComm1_OnComm()

    Dim InString As String
    'read entire buffer
    MSComm1.InputLen = 0
    TextBox.SelStart = Len(TextBox)
    Select Case MSComm1.CommEvent

    Case comEvReceive

        If MSComm1.InBufferCount Then
            InString = InString & MSComm1.Input
            TextBox.SelStart = Len(TextBox)
            'Zet waarden van buffer op het scherm
            TextBox = TextBox & InString & vbCrLf
        End If

    Case comCDTO
        MsgBox ("CD timeout")

    Case comOverrun
        MsgBox ("data lost")

    Case comFrame
        MsgBox ("Framing Error")

    End Select
End Sub

This is what i send to the DSP board, the hexadecimal value 80

Private Sub MenuSend_Click()
    Dim StartBit
    StartBit = Hex(128)
    MSComm1.DTREnable = True           ' DTR High
    MSComm1.Output = StartBit
End Sub

If somebody please can help me????

Thank you


Mon, 30 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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