Font sizing problem during zoom 
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 Font sizing problem during zoom

Am constructing an ActiveX Control (Textbox) in VB, and have an unusual

I build the control just fine. However, when in an application that
supports zoomed view (Word, Excel, Visio), the control scales correctly,
but the text within the control does not. In fact, the text stays
exactly the same size as when it was inserted (at "100%" zoom factor).

Very interesting, is when I use the MS Forms textbox, the text scales
perfectly fine. How is this done?

I have attempted to use the MS Forms (wrapped in my VB-created ocx), the
standard VB textbox, and the Windows native textbox (using

I have built the control using VC++ with MFC, same results. I have built
the control using VC++ with ATL, same results.

I have downloaded controls (VC++ as well as VB), and they perform once
again, with the same results!!!

I'm really rather confused as to why none of the controls I have built
or downloaded, have behaved like the MS Forms controls (right or wrong,
it's the behavior I want).

Any ideas/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated

Sun, 09 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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