Read-only constituent TextBox control properties 
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 Read-only constituent TextBox control properties


> I'm creating a UserControl (with VB5EE) that has a single TextBox
> constituent control.  I've mapped most of my UserControl's standard
> TextBox properties to the TextBox (Text, Enabled, Font...), but
> several of them are reported as being read-only (Alignment,
> Appearance, BorderStyle, MultiLine...).  So for example, the following
> procedure generates an error, and my UserControl can't have a
> user-settable MultiLine property (among others):

These properties are design time only properties in VB. When your
control is hosted on a form, it is effectively in run-time mode.

For a more lucid discussion of this problem, and possible solutions,
Dan Appleman's "Developing ActiveX Components with Visual Basic 5.0 (A
Guide To The Perplexed)"

Well worth the price. Sorry I can't help you myself, I generally don't
do UserControls.

N Varacalli
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