Excel crashes with RefEdit control 
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 Excel crashes with RefEdit control

Hi there,

I am a VBA developer for Excel 97 and recently found a bug in it.    You
will find the Excel application crashes after executing the following
test :

1. Start Excel

2. Go to Tools --> Macro --> Visual Basic Editor

3. Go to Insert --> UserForm

4. Draw 2 Frames (separated from each other) on the UserForm and draw a
RefEdit control on each frame (now you have 1 UserForm 2 Frames and 2
RefEdit controls in total)

5. Now draw a CheckBox on the second frame whose TabIndex is 1 (first
Frame has TabIndex of 0) and make sure that the CheckBox has TabIndex of
1 (RefEdit on the same Frame has TabIndex of 0)

6. Run your UserForm

7. Notice that the RefEdit on the first Frame has Focus.   Using your
mouse, click on the CheckBox on the second Frame.  Close your UserForm
by clicking x symbol on the top right corner the UserForm where Caption
is written.

8. You will find that Excel is frozen.   If you click any part of the
Worksheet, Excel crashes.

Can you fix this problem ?

Jae Park

Fri, 22 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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