No more caption when changing button image in toolbar 
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 No more caption when changing button image in toolbar

Here is my problem :
with VB6 (SP5) I put a toolbar (flatstyle) icon (not coolbar) in
flashing state in changing continuously its image with a timer, but
after 10921 changes all toolbar captions disappear (and button width
is resized) and don't come back when changing a button caption.

The de{*filter*} show me that the caption properties are set properly and
the value of width propertie hasn't changed.

I try many solutions :
toolbar refresh
standard style before changing image and  after, back to flat style
wrappable or non wrappable
API calls to modify toolbar style and text

If someone know this problem or has suggestions (about flashing an
Thanks in advance.

Mon, 07 Feb 2005 15:57:20 GMT  
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