Winsock TCP SendData problem 
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 Winsock TCP SendData problem


My VB program is a TCP server, it has to accept connections from two
clients.  I do this by having one socket listening all of the time and then
accepting on a different socket each time I get a connection request.

When the first client connects everything is OK and I can send and receive
with no problems.

Some time later I connect to the second client it is happy and I can send
and receive data with no problems.

However, after the second client has connected, when I send data to the
first client it is not being received.

The state of both sockets is still connected, on the client machine the
connection is still established.

I get no error reported on the socket for the second client at any time.
However, the sendcomplete/sendprogress events are never triggered for the
second client.

I seem to be stuck in limbo.



Tue, 09 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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