Combo Box Bug! 
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 Combo Box Bug!

Try this out yourself.....

I run into a problem when using a combo box in an application with the
webbrowser control.

You can type an address in the combo, click enter, and the browser navigates
to the address.  Once the navigation is complete, the address is added to
the list in the combo box, just like in IE.

After I have a couple of addresses in the list, I run into problems.  If I
start to type an address in, but make a mistake, I hit backspace.......

...And instead of backspacing the control moves to the next item in the
list, which makes the browser navigate to the address in the list.

so i find that I can't hit backspace without screwing everything I type, and
having it navigate to the next address in the list.

can anyone help?  I would really appreciate it!

If you look at the Browser form (that comes with VB) you can see the code.
Look at the cboAddress_Click event.

Many thanks,
Justin Van Patten

Sun, 29 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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