Why a compiled executable won't run on client's machine 
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 Why a compiled executable won't run on client's machine

Excellent report, Tom.  This clears up some weirdness I had seen over the
last several months.  I would ship and the darn thing would fail.  I
tracked my problems down to mostly dependency problems but I was
encountering similar situations in the form of GPFs re the passing of a
specific type to a DLL.  Ordinarily if a control or object cannot be passed
you'll get a Type Mismatch and VB has been pretty good about telling me
this (although it lead to quite a bit of confusion when I was successfully
passing a QueryDef to a class and then I moved the class to a DLL).  But on
one occasion I had to pass *As Control* - but I forget which - probably the
Data control.

I thought I read that the OCA was a type library cache.  You probably
uncovered a defect re the TreeView.  Also the TreeView comes from
COMCTL32.OCX which as been recently upgraded (at least 2 or 3 times as far
as I can tell). Perhaps the OCA gives you a certain additional
compatibility as merely a side effect.  I would definitely check out the
versions If I were you.  There is only one sure fire way to tell.  You must
look at the Tools.Controls. menu item on the machine you built on.  That
will tell you the precise location of the OCX you are using.  Check it's
Version.  Then Check SWDEPEND.INI if you used the Setup Wizard to make sure
*IT* isn't looking at the wrong place (probably won't be).  Then compare
all of that against what you user has.  Its possible you got a mismatch

On the subject of component upgrades: *Watch Out*.  Certain areas on the
web will *install components*.  For instance, going into the Owners Area
for VB5, causes a data grid control to be downloaded *plus* COMCTL32.OCX.
I'm fairly sure this was the source of my current version: 5.00.3828.
Recompile with that puppy and duck if you forget to ship it.
Scott L. Holmes

Tue, 05 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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