WinXP-Visual Studio 6.0-Studio.Net compatibility 
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 WinXP-Visual Studio 6.0-Studio.Net compatibility

Thank you for your answer, however I thought it was NG policy to crosspost
vs multipost.



> >Hi all,

> >Three questions.

> >(1) Can anyone tell me if WinXP, Visual Studio 6.0 and Studio.Net are all
> >compatible on the same system?

> Yes.

> >(2) Which Studio needs to be installed first if they are?

> Either will work, but I aim for the older product (VS 6.0) first.

> >(3) Is this recommended practice?

> On a dev machine, it is not a problem, as long as you realize you will
> probably be rebuilding this machine shortly (final release in
> January?). I would not place the .NET Framework on a production server
> at this time, unless you are going live during the beta period.

> >Please reply to all for ease of finding your answers.

> It is not a good idea to cross post. However, I will do it just for
> you.

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Thu, 29 Apr 2004 03:27:39 GMT  
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