Problems Loading Comctl32.ocx and Comdlg32.ocx 
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 Problems Loading Comctl32.ocx and Comdlg32.ocx

Easiest way to fix is to edit the VBP file directly and change the
version numbers.  When I hit this I created a project from scratch and
added these controls, then saved project.  Then compared 2 projects and
changed the appropriate lines in the bad VBP project.

I hope this helps!



> After installing Vb 5.0 CCE on his machine a developer took a VB 4.0
> project file off of our machine which is dedicated to holding the code.
> The form had its controls updated with the VB 5.0 CCE controls.  After
> replacing the code on the Dedicated machine it would no longer run on that
> BBS machine.. It says Unable to load COMCTL32.OCX and COMDLG32.OC. Continue
> loading project anyway?  It loads fine on my machine and the VB 5.0 CCE
> Tainted machine but not another developers machine and the dedicated
> machine.  Has anybody had this problem with tainted project files and if so
> Is there a fix.. Im only 18 and this problem is causing me many ailments
> typical of a bowel parasite.... I dont want to die :) ahah Thanks you in
> advance!
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