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 Free software available

PWK Software Ltd are pleased to announce the Beta 5 Release of the Composite
Control Collection.  This version is the last chance for testers to qualify
for a complimentary copy of the controls before they are released early next

Visit for more details and to
sign-up for the Release 5 Beta.

The Composite Control Collection is a innovative new collection of tools
aimed at providing a high productivity toolset to the VB Developer.  It
introduces extended functionality using containers to encapsulate controls
and their  functionality.

The controls are provided via a fully configurable Add-In interface that
integrates fully with the VB6 IDE.  All of the tools required to effectively
use the containers are provided as a dockable window.  This interface
provides a treeview that displays controls in a heirarchial fashion and can
be used to Drag and Drop controls between containers.  It also incorporates
a toolbar and a context menus for display and grouping operations.

"Modes" give the user the ability to define a way of working for a group of
controls while "States" allow the user to define the level of interaction
the user is allowed within a mode.  These modes and states automatically
cascade and make controlling logical areas of a form a breeze.

In addition to this, the positional characteristics of controls and/or
groups of controls can also be defined at design time with little or no
runtime coding required.

An event model that allows the developer to respond to "ChildEvents" at the
composite level is also provided by the Composite Control Collection.  This
allows code to be written that caters for the events within a composite in a
generic manner, promoting reuse and making code maintenance simpler.

The controls promote tighter coding with less replication and remove most,
if not all of the coding effort normally required to size and position
controls at runtime, effectively offering a reusability of forms with little
or no extra coding effort from the developer.

The Beta comes complete with a Demo to give you a flavour and comprehensive
on-line help files that include a tutorial to demonstrate the ease with
which the controls can be used.


PWK Software Ltd.

Thu, 22 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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