Property Left and Width in a status bar could not be set 
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 Property Left and Width in a status bar could not be set

I have two forms in my project, frmOne and frmTwo. frmOne
has a Hierarchical FlexGrid. When a row in this grid is
double clicked, frmTwo will show the detail information of
it. frmTwo has a status bar control. Sometimes when a row
in frmOne's grid is double clicked, a message box
says Errors during load. Refer to C:\Program
Files\project1\frmTwo.log for details. The following is
the message in the file frmTwo.log:  

Line 30: Property Left in SbStatusBar could not be set.
Line 30: Property Width in SbStatusBar could not be set.

This status bar has only one panel, which has the
following properties:

Alignment       sbrLeft
Style           sbrText
Bevel           sbrInsert
AutoSize        sbrSpring

I tried to insert sbStatusBar.Panels(1).Width =
Me.Width / 5 * 4 in the beginning of frmTwos
Form_Activate() sub, but still got this error.

Anybody has idea to get rid of this error message? Thanks
in advance.


Sun, 05 Sep 2004 22:52:25 GMT  
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