MSWinsock Control Data Loss with no error reported (0/1) 
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 MSWinsock Control Data Loss with no error reported (0/1)

I am using the Winsock control provided in MS Visual Basic 5.0 (SP3)
to communicate between two processes on the same machine.  I am
finding at high transfer rates, even with DoEvents inserted in the
sender, that I am loosing data.  The data loss seems to be at the
character level.  That is, I don't normally lose a whole message but
just part of the data stream. However, this data loss is happening
without getting an error message either on the sender or the receiver.
Is this to be expected?

I have included, as a series of attachments, sample code that I
believe exhibits this problem.  If you wish to run this note that 1)
the receiver needs to be started first and 2) you need to change the
RemoteHost setting of the sender to match your machine before building
the sender.

Tue, 27 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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