Global Majic's Strip-Chart Control....HELP!!! 
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 Global Majic's Strip-Chart Control....HELP!!!

I've been trying to make the demo version of GMS's strip.ocx control
work.  The problem is that while I can display it and control ALL of
its properties, I cannot seem to get it to display my data-points.

I've discussed this with GMS, but their suggestions STILL do not work
and I'm starting to wonder if I'm forgetting something.

Below is a sample of the code:

Private Sub Strip_Plot
        Dim VariableID As Integer
        Dim X As Double
        Dim Y As Double
        VariableID = 0
        X = 10
        Y = 10
End Sub

When I attempt to compile this, VB5 gives me an error message that
it "expects an '='".

The above code was suggested by GMS.

The last line "Strip.AddXY(VariableID,X,Y) is highlighted, and I'm returned
to the development environment.  So I figure "ok, I'll make it an equation
rather than an expression" like so:

ltemp = Strip.AddXY(VariableID,X,Y)

So far, so good.  At compile time, I get a DIFFERENT error:
"Type Mismatch" and the first line of the sub ("Private Sub Strip_Plot()")
is highlighted as well as the "AddXY" portion of

I'm stumped.  I've tried a number of different things, all to no avail.  I'm
beginning to think that I'm supposed to DECLARE something in the Declarations
portion of the program, but I don't know what that would be.  The strip.ocx
is properly registered because I CAN control all other properties for it.

Does anyone have experience with this control (strip.ocx by GlobalMajic)?
GMS has been very responsive to my questions, but I feel a bit intrusive
since I'm only trying to evaluate the DEMO version.  If I can make it work
I'd actually pay money because it's a fantastic control for my particular

Given the following scenario, how would I plot a single data-point on
the strip control?


What would the line to plot the single point (10,10) on Variable 0 look like?


Jim Graham
Founder - Society of Asymmetrical Engineers
(Membership App. available at: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~graham)

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Sat, 22 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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