Problem displaying some ole docs from within VB 
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 Problem displaying some ole docs from within VB

I am having a problem displaying some OLE documents from within VB. My
purpose is to use the OLE documents application to display the document. My
code for this is:

OLEObj.SourceDoc = strOLEDocName
OLEObj.CreateLink strOLEDocName
OLEObj.DoVerb vbOLEOpen

This code works for most documents I have tried, e.g. MS Word, MS Excel,
Paintbrush and .txt documents. However, it fails for .jpg images and
.htm documents, giving error 31027 Unable to activate object

Using Windows Explorer, however, and clicking on a .jpg or .htm document
causes  Internet Explorer to activate and display the document. So, why
doesnt it work in the VB code?

Thanks for any help.

SM Haig

Mon, 22 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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