Sysinfo VB Contol (OCX) problem trying to use it but says I do not have approprate license 
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 Sysinfo VB Contol (OCX) problem trying to use it but says I do not have approprate license

Look on your VB5 CD  for the program Regsvr32.exe.  I think it's
in the controls/unsupported....... subdirectory.  There's a text file
there that explains how to manually register an OCX control.
It's possible that you had an older version of Sysinfo.OCX on your system
and that's why it was not registered. Anyway, you can register it yourself.
And it should work just fine.

> Can Anyone help me?

> I installed Enterprise VB 5 several months ago and recently during my
> development of a application , I need to used the sysinfo ocx which I
> selected from the list of ocx's I have registered when Enterprise VB 5
> was installed.  What happened is when I selected the sysinfo ocx I got
> this message "License information for this component not found. You do
> not have an appropriate license to use this functionalty in the design
> environment.  Howcan this be, when I installed the Enterproise VB5
> wheich included this ocx. Also I went and tried all the other ocx's and
> they are fine. I was able to use them. The sysinfo ocx is the only one.
> I also installed the Enterprise VB 5 service pack 2 and still not
> working. Same problem. Can Anyone help me here??
> Is there a bug with this OCX??

> Ian Phibbs

Fri, 21 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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