VB5 - Using MS Chart Control - Is there a later version? 
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 VB5 - Using MS Chart Control - Is there a later version?

The version of the MS Chart Control shipped with my copy of VB5 Enterprise
is v 5.00.00.
My query is simple:
On a chart with multiple series (say a line chart with 4 series), each with
multiple data points ( say 4), I would like to highlight an individual
datapoint from any series (with an asterix).

The VB books online says that "For this version of the chart, 1 is the
only valid value for this argument. This allows you two make changes to the
default settings for all data points in the series. Settings cannot be
changed for individual data points within the series."

Elsewhere in the documentation it shows an example where you can set
properties for individual data points.

Is there a later version of the Chart Control available somewhere? or
Is there another piece of code which will do the trick?

Thanks ?!!

Fri, 31 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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