VB4 uninstalled: controls gone. 
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 VB4 uninstalled: controls gone.

When installing VB5, I left VB4 installed to have the possibility to
fall back to it, in case I had some problems with VB5.

After porting all my projects to VB5 and seeing that they worked fine
there, I decided to de-install VB4 to free up disk space.

Result: VB5 wouldn't load any project anymore, because most of the
controls they were using had disappeared.
Reinstalling VB5 helped solve this: the controls are back now, and I
can use most of them.

However, for some controls (MSGRID a.o.), when I try to open the forms
in design mode I get errors like:

        Line 53: Cannot load control Grid1; license not found.

This happens only in design mode: I can compile the project perfectly
as it is, and I can use the control in the compiled program.
I just can't open the affected forms in design mode.

Any solution known, apart from re-installing VB4?

Sat, 22 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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