ListView Control: Setting width of ListItems in list mode 
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 ListView Control: Setting width of ListItems in list mode


> I have an application that is structured in a similar manner as is Windows
> Explorer.  That is, I have a treeview on the left and a listview on the
> right.  When a node on the treeview is clicked, its children are displayed
> in the listview (just like Explorer).  When the view mode of the listview
> is set to list, the items are truncated somewhere around 10-12 characters.
> However, if I switch to large icon mode, then back to list mode, the items
> are displayed in full.  But, as soon as I select a node (even the current
> one), the items are truncated again.  I've searched through the online
> help, but the only thing I can find about listitem width is that it is
> read-only at run time.  I assume that this means it can be set at design
> time, but I have yet to find it.  Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas
> for making the full length of an item viewable in list mode?

> Phillip

I've seen this too, and someone told me to add the longest named item
first, but that doesn't fix the problem...there has to be a way to do
this, though...?!  Please forward a solution on to me if you find one
and I'll do the same.


Mon, 31 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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