error -2147192417 (8004719f) "The parameter is incorrect" 
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 error -2147192417 (8004719f) "The parameter is incorrect"

I have a VB6 program that is working on several hundred PC ... and not
working on a handful.  When the main form is loading, it pops up an error
message box saying:

Run-time error '-2147192417 (8004719f)'
The parameter is incorrect.

I can't find this error code anywhere: MSDN, MS support site, newsgroups,
Google searches, and so on.

This is just the standard Windows / VB error message box.  I do have error
trapping on in Form_Load but it's never called.  Seems like the form doesn't
even get loaded enough for my Form_Load code to start running, so it's
difficult to debug.  I have done reg cleans, reinstalls, reinstall
dependencies, etc. without any luck.

This just started happening on 3 PCs at 3 different client sites this week,
one on XP, one on 2000 and one I'm not sure of.  Since they all happened at
the same time I am wondering if there is some recent Windows Update patch or
an update to some other popular software package (Norton AntiVirus?  MS
Office?  IE?)  that is perhaps causing this.

Anyone else ever seen this error code?  Thanks!



Terry McKiernan
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Wed, 09 Mar 2005 06:46:56 GMT  
 error -2147192417 (8004719f) "The parameter is incorrect"

For such a general error message, it is hard to say what causes the problem
so far.
I think you need to spend some time narrow down the problem. Here are some
1. On the machine that can reproduce the problem, stop any background
applications and services, reboot into Safe Mode and see if the problem
2. If the problem still occurs, I suggest that you install the VB6 IDE on
one machine that can reproduce the problem. Then, remove you
controls/code/forms piece by piece and see after which step the error
disappears. Thus, you can at least narrow down the problem.

Elan Zhou
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Sat, 12 Mar 2005 13:44:47 GMT  
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