Windows XP style Scroll Bar in VB6? 
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 Windows XP style Scroll Bar in VB6?


     I have been searching for a way to show a windows xp style scrollbar
control in a VB 6 application.  I am specifically looking for a scrollbar
that the scroll piece sizes based on the percentage of the items that are
being displayed.

     The one that comes with VB simply divides the scroll zone by the max
value and makes the scroll piece that % of the display area.  So if you only
have 2 items, the scroll piece is 50% of the view area even if your list can
display 8 items at a time (there should be no option to scroll at this
point).  The xp style control would show the scroll piece at 100% until the
number of items in the list exceeds the space that the list can display,
then the scroll piece becomes the appropriate size for the percent of
visible items.

I hope that is clear enough.  Can you help me?

Thanks, Jay Kappel

Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:38:52 GMT  
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