Problem after using Add Property Page with Wizard 
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 Problem after using Add Property Page with Wizard

In VB 6.0 (SP5) I have a DataRepeater control on a form and
I created a data bound user control with several text boxes
on the control for use as the repeated control. Everything
was working fine until I tried to experiment and added a
Property Page to the user control using the Property Page
Wizard. After looking at the Property Page that was
created I decided to Remove the Property Page from the
control. But now when I run my project and the updated
control is loaded the project runs until the main form is
displayed. At this point not all of the form is displayed
and the project seems to hang on the form display. I
checked available memory and it is ok. Anyone with any
ideas? Is there files that can be deleted out of the
folder where the control is saved that could be causing
the problem?

Tue, 27 Apr 2004 02:03:46 GMT  
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