callbacks (VB calls a VC DLL) 
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 callbacks (VB calls a VC DLL)

Using the AdressOf operator, you can export VB function pointers to API
functions, e.g. (SetWindowLong API function calls, CallWindowProc etc.).

Is there any way back?

I've got a DLL (written in VC) calling a VB DLL (ActiveX DLL project type in
Is there any way the VC DLL passing a function pointer to the VB DLL which the
latter one can use at some time point (waiting for user actions, as usual) to
'wake up' the very instance of that DLL by calling the function pointed to by
the function pointer argument?

It's important that exactly the very instance is being called, and not yet
another instance of the dll?

Sorry if this might be out of topic, if there is a newsgroup about DLL stuff,
pl?ease point me into the right direction.


Tue, 11 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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