CausesValidation & Validate() Event in VB6.0 
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 CausesValidation & Validate() Event in VB6.0

An exercise for you...

Try the example in VB6.0 Help under CausesValidation, but instead of making
both text boxes CausesValidation = True, make Text1 have CausesValidation =

I would have expected Validate() on Text1 to still fire when TABbing from
Text1 to Text2, since Text2.CausesValidation is True, but it does not.
What's going on here?

It seems that the Validate() event only fires if BOTH the control gaining
focus AND the control losing focus have CausesValidation = True. But that's
not what the documentation says.

Or am I missing something?



Sun, 22 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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