Listview: DragDrop Functionality 
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 Listview: DragDrop Functionality

  Here's a copy of a month old post I found on this newsgroup.  It
perfectly describes my problem.  However, there were no answers to this
post, so I'm thinking maybe there are no answers.  BUT, just to give it
a shot, I'll repost this (apologies to the original poster):

"With the ListView control 6.0, I have the multiselection set to true..
If the user selects a few items, then goes to drag them, the item the
user clicks on to start the drag becomes the only selected item. But if
my user doesn't let go of the shit/ctrl key after multi-selecting the
items, and then begins the drag it works just fine.. User's are not used
to having to hold down the shift or ctrl key after multi-selecting a
item just to drag it, like Windows Explorer does.... So how can I get by
this in VB? I want to plain and simple for the user."

Thanks (I'm sure from the original poster...and also from),

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Sat, 26 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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