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 Design Time Controls Properties


As a Visual Basic Programmer you probably know that VB stores the
description of a form into a formfile (.frm). I show you a part of this

      Begin VB.TextBox txtDescription
         Height          =   852
         Left            =   1800
         MultiLine       =   -1  'True
         ScrollBars      =   2  'Vertical
         TabIndex        =   16
         Top             =   1080
         Width           =   5292

I want to register also properties of a control, but not in the formfile,
but in a similar way in my database. I was thinking about just a textfield
that contains text like in the example above.

I've three questions that would help me a lot to continue my current

1) Is there somewhere an Active-X DLL or an Active-X Control that reads
text like shown in the example and returns a DTC with the properties found
in the text. And is there also a way to create a text like this with the
properties of a control (so a write function to restore updated properties
in my database)?

2) Is there a way to use the property pages of DTC like in the VB
Environment? But I want to use these property page in my own application

3) Is there a way to find out what properties there are for a control, for
example a construction like this:

        For each PropVar in VB.Control
                Debug.Print PropVar.Name & " = " & PropVar.Value
        Next PropVar

        So that I've a list like this:

        Height = 852
        Left = 1800

In some manuals I've found things like "PropertyBag" and "Property Object"
but nowhere there was a good description what it is exactly and how to use

I will be very pleased if you have some answers for me.

Thank you very much.


Tue, 02 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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