Want mask chars but not prompt chars in MaskEdBox 
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 Want mask chars but not prompt chars in MaskEdBox

I want to have the literals in the mask to appear in the database field but
NOT the prompt characters.  When setting PromptInclude to False, you would
think that ONLY the prompt characters are excluded, but NO... it seems that
the literals in the mask are also ignored.  I even tried to use the "\"
before the literals, but it didn't do a thing.  I do, on the other hand,
want to display the prompt character for ease of entry.

This is what I have:
AllowPrompt = False
Mask = 9(999) 999-9999 aaaaaaaaa
PromptChar = _
PromptInclude = False

When I enter "1(800) 555-5555 ext 999" I get "18005555555ext 999" in the
database field.  If I set PromptInclude to True, I get "1(800) 555-5555 ext
999__" which is close but no cigar.

Do I have to set the PromptInclude to True and manually remove the
PromptChar's from the Text on Validate or LostFocus?

Sat, 08 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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