OLE control and HP Deskscan object 
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 OLE control and HP Deskscan object

I am trying to embed a scanned image from the HP Deskscan program.  The
Deskscan allows you to copy the image to the clipboard but the object will
not paste to the OLE container control.  If you save the image as a bitmap
and then copy and paste the file itself it works but this is too
complicated a process for the inexperienced user of the program.  I would
like to just copy the image to the clipboard and then paste directly to the
control.  Dragging and dropping the image would be even better but the
Deskscan program does not allow dragging of the image.  If the OLE control
does not have the class property set it seems to accept almost anything you
paste to it, except of course the HP scan.  Do I need to know the class of
the scanned image that is copied to the clipboard to be able to paste it to
the control?  If so, WHAT IS THE CLASS?  or is there something I have
overlooked?  I would appreciate any input anyone would like to give.

Fri, 21 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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