RichText box control and Clipboard, cut, copy and paste 
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 RichText box control and Clipboard, cut, copy and paste

Has anyone try to implement Copy/Cut and Paste for a regular Rich Text Box
using Clipboard.GetText method with either RTF format or Text format?

The problem I am having is that when I used the Clipboard object to copy or
cut and paste a line of text with CR and LF, CR and LF are left un-copied.
But if I use the standard 'Copy/Cut/Paste' windows shortcut keys, it works
just fine. By examining the returned string from the GetText method, I do
see that CR/LF is in the regular string just as it should be.

Is there any workaround or any suggestion to copy/cut/paste?



Sat, 07 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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