Problem : Bound UserControl not updating recordset - VB6 SP5 
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 Problem : Bound UserControl not updating recordset - VB6 SP5

I have a bound Usercontrol that is not updating the underlying record
set when the value is changed.

If I bind a regular textbox to my recordset everything is fine.  If I
put the TextBox into a simple usercontrol and use that, the
usercontrol displays the data ok but when changes are made it doesn't
update the underlying data.  

It's almost like the PropertyChanged statement is being ignored.

I've searched MS KB & Groups but can't find a resolution. MS has a
similar bug listed but claims it was resolved in one of the service
packs. I am already using SP5 !!

Anyone have any ideas?

Thu, 13 Oct 2005 20:46:08 GMT  
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