HELP with possible VB5 combo box bug 
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 HELP with possible VB5 combo box bug

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Has anyone noticed this problem in VB5?
I have an application that insists on clearing the combo box text
portion anytime I refresh the combo box list portion in the
"combobox_click" sub. It doesn't make any sense and so I wrote a simple
little program in VB4 which opens an Access database and populates a
combo box. When I click on an item in the list it repopulates the combo
box just fine and leaves the original item I clicked on in the text
portion of the combo box. I then made a copy of the program and opened
it in VB5 and with no changes to the code, it clears the text portion of
the combo box when it exits the sub "ComboBox_OnClick"
This appears to be a bug to me. It happens in both VB5 and VB5 SP2. I
have checked MSDN, the MS web site, VB help, and VB Books online in
addition to this newsgroup and have not found anything that says I need
to handle a combo box differently in VB5 than in VB4.
I have included a zip files with both projects, VB4 and VB5, in it for
anyone who wants to check it out.

If I am making a mistake will someone please let me know. If it is a bug
will someone please tell MS. I can't afford 295.00 to tell them about a
bug in their software.

Please send replies through email.

Chris Stamey
Network Engineer
Datatrace Information Services Company Inc.


I'm not a pessimist, I'm a "Realistic Optimist". I still see the glass
as half full, I just want to know who the hell's been drinking out of
-Don't remember the comedian's name.

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Wed, 08 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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