ActiveX object versioning problem 
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 ActiveX object versioning problem


    I have written an ActiveX object in VC++ with some GUI.
    I was able load the ActiveX in Internet Explorer ( thru html file), in
ActiveX Control Test Container.
    I also able to load it in the VB IDE.
    However when I make an Exe (from VB) with the ActiveX object inside the
    The exe crashes (may be not start at all) when run and complains about
can't find the object inside the ocx file.
    Something like wrong version of ActiveX object is in the ocx file.
    This actually also happen when run from VB IDE.
    Can someone let me know why this is happeing in VB but not other

Wooi Po

Tue, 06 Sep 2005 05:34:51 GMT  
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