Property Page Usage Cause ActiveX Control Corruption 
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 Property Page Usage Cause ActiveX Control Corruption

I have developed 5 ActiveX controls with VB6 SP4.  All these controls have
property pages and three of them use ADO (V2.1)  to talk with an Access 97 data
sources.  When testing these controls in the VB environment I have no problems.  
However, the target environment for these controls is a web page.  When testing
the controls in a web page using Visual InterDev 6.0 the two controls that do not
use ADO work fine.  The 3 controls that use ADO get corrupted every time their
property page is opened and then closed.  It makes no difference what you do when
the property page is open (even if you only click CANCEL) the control is
corrupted when the property page is closed.  If I don't use the property page
then these controls work OK.

If anyone can tell me what the problem may be and/or any workarounds I would
appreciate the help.



Fri, 12 Sep 2003 02:03:04 GMT  
 Property Page Usage Cause ActiveX Control Corruption
If the project is referencing any MDAC components, and in the client side,
there is no these component , it will cause problem. Try to install the
correct version MDAC at the client side.


Fri, 12 Sep 2003 17:59:49 GMT  
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