Change ADO Control connection string at runtime (error) 
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 Change ADO Control connection string at runtime (error)

I have used the intrinsic ADO data control in VB6 ENT EDI -  however the
location of the database is to be selected at installation.

I have solved the problem of getting the connection string using the file
open dialogue and appending the "Provider = Microsoft 3.51 Jet....whatever
whatever ..then the database location" to the file path returned.

However the ADO controls are not happy without the database located in the
"design time" directory at runtime.

How do I get around the errors thrown by the ADO control before I can change
to the correct connection string???

Please :-)

oh stuff it -- I beg you  - I implore you  - on bended knee I kiss your -
erm I polish your shoe - Oh pretty please all you developers with a kind
corner in your heart pleeeeese help the sad learner....(whiner)


Fri, 08 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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