A problem with ocx written in visual c++ only in vb (oca problem) 
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 A problem with ocx written in visual c++ only in vb (oca problem)

The situation is like that:
I have an activex ocx that was written in Visual C++ by a guy working
with me and he gave it to me to test it when it had less properties
and methods
than now and then it worked ok but now he gave me a new file with more
properties and methods but the same class id and object name.
Now vb shows the properties and methods but some of them are not
working, then I saw that when I replace the oca file with a file from
a computer that didn't run
The old version it working good, but when I run the program or just
exit  vb and then return, the problem occurs again and what I see is
that vb overwrites the good
Oca file with not so good file (-:, so where it stores this data and
how can I remove it???

I forget to mention that on another computers it works fine and if I
test it on my computer only with "ActiveX Control Test Container" it
works OK.
Also if I delete the oca file it just creates it again wrongly.

Thanks you very much ,
Shai Perelman
Software Developer
In Motion

Mon, 26 Jul 2004 17:49:36 GMT  
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