indexed data & VB6 -- NON ADO 
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 indexed data & VB6 -- NON ADO

Please help

We've got a VB6 application that we deploy via the web -- we have thousands
of users, scattered all over the world.  The application store (and read)
data from a "database"  file.  Currently we are using XML and using a 3rd
party DOM parser. We cannot even use Microsoft  Parser because the pc's
running it don't all have the MS parser installed. Some of the pc's are
still running Win95 (with no IE). This is a given -- UNFORTUNATELY .

So -- now we want to use a database and not xml files -- because of speed
and size. But what do we use?

Problem with ADO is that one need to distribute MDAC and stuff like that.
This is not feasible as the application is distibuted via web.

Any ideas?
Any "indexed" dataformat that we can use?
We don't mind buying a 3rd party control if that is required.

Any comments welcome.
Again -- I know ADO is great but it is not an option.

Many thanks & looking forward to your comments

Sat, 17 Dec 2005 04:17:31 GMT  
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