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 Advanced calculation

[Hope this is the right group for this question]

If you could give me the whole code instead of telling me just what to do,
I'd be really greatful! (c:

How do I calculate these actions a user suggested me to add? They are for a
scripting program wich makes scripts for animations in a 3D landscape design
program (not released yet - only at v0.6.28). It uses coordinates (x,y,z),
and the camera is what you see (the eye).
The animation script is based on frames, and the camera is moving from point
to point:


You add the coordinates of a frame, write down manually Radius, Angle and
Then by pressing a button the program will add all the frames calculating
the right x, y, z position to perform an arc from the last position, with
the inserted radius and angle.
Negative numbers for the radius will turn to left, positive to right.

You write down x,y,z and frames, press a button and the program will add all
the steps to perform an acceleration from the last point to the coordinates
(I will use this code for making a deceleration-function as well, and then
combine acceleration and deceleration to make a bounce-fuction)

Can anybody help me out here? I use VB4 32.
Everybody helping me will get credit. The program is freeware (c;

If you know somebody else who can help me, would ask them for me? Forward
this mail?

Thank you...


Sun, 16 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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