VB5: DBList.RowSource won't work? 
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 VB5: DBList.RowSource won't work?


I have the following problem:
I display the content of a Database via a DBCombo and a DBList. For some

reason I've got to bind them to a Datafield at runtime. Unfortunatly
this doesn't work.

I've used the following Code (where "Datafield" is the name of - the
Datafield!) with the german version of VB5:

DBList.RowSource = "Datafield"
Error: Type mismatch

DBList.RowSource = Datafield.Name
Error: Type mismatch

String = Datafield.Name
DBList.RowSource = String
Error : Type mismatch

DBList.RowSource = Datafield
Error: Type mismatch

Following the documentation, the property RowSource has to be a string.
So the last error seems to be correct, for Datafield is an object. But
the other don't.
Who can help?

Gerd Riesselmann

PS: After solving this problem I want to create new DBCombos at runtime
(LOAD DBCombo(Index)). And all this new Combos need help by a Datafield.

Has anybody experience in creating new Datafields at runtime and binding

them to a DBList (for their name is the same for them all)...

Sun, 22 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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